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viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

In Remembrance of Faiz Ahmed Faiz Centenary

It is the hundredth birthday of a man who can be outlined as a populous majestic and preeminent poet of South Asia. The year 2011 will be celebrated all through the world by lovers of the prodigious poet of twentieth century. Faiz Ahmed Faiz verses have enhanced the soul of zillions and by his writing many of us got a comfort and courage to stand for the right of everyone equality and humanness.
The life of Faiz Ahmed Faiz has won the hearts of the people of South Asia, and today we are here to pay a highly rich tribute in his honor. He illustrates many times all that is good-natured and polished South Asian society in order to become a civilized man. His poems flash a deep background against unrighteous and impishness, though he tried to pull out these things from the society so everyone lives with peace and love.

Faiz is a poet of elegance and adoration. These factors are not only seen in his habitual life but also in his poems too. His selfdom also associate as a part of many colorful amalgamations at the same time, thus his words are colored by many of the famous artists to spread his message in the modern society. Faiz golden era started when he wrote first as a flip-flop in his ever most well-known lyrics translated as 'Don't ask me now, Beloved'. Earlier, he started his poetry in various keynotes, mainly in traditional, social and political affairs. And whenever if anyone has gone through his poetry, they saw a mixture of romantic and political poems in which he depicted his aspects at a time and convey to the people very flatly. Meanwhile, this mixture in his poetry is great which we have never seen in anyone poetry at all.

Faiz was born in 1911 (approximately a hundred years ago) in Sialkot, India. He finished his early education there. After completing his early education, he went to Lahore's dominant Government College (now upgraded as Government College University) on the exclusive endorsement of Allama Iqbal. He was very fond of reading English and Urdu literature being a student. He was an allegiant Urdu reader in the beginning. His strong interest was to read the poetry of Ghalib –Asadullah Khan, Mir Taqi Mir and Sauda– Mirza Rafi. He sometimes used to describe that he got so many enlightenments while reading their poems, and today he is on this stage that he wrote his own poems. His first published accumulation was 'The Lamenting Image' which inspires many young poets and it's revolving around many provoking topics like adoration, elegance and beloved behaviors. Somehow, he did enormous writings in his youth time, and that was a time which overcomes in a shape of the prodigious poet in the history of South Asia.

In 1930, Faiz Ahmed Faiz married Alys Faiz. In 1934, he completed his college studies and was introduced as a teacher by joining the Muhammedan Anglo-Oriental College in Amritsar. He received his post-graduate studies from the Government College, Lahore - Master of Arts in English Literature and the Oriental College, Lahore to receive one more Master's degree in Arabic Literature. At that time, he met with Rasheed Jahan who is also a leading teacher and writer as well. She assists him, to join the Progressive Writers Association and later on when he joined, he remarks that this association will open new gate barriers to face the entire world. In this way, he enters a second chapter of his poetry accumulation with the momentous poem ‘Do not ask of me, my beloved, that same love’. This is his opening where he attempts with commingling adoration for the beloved. In 1947, earlier than Independence, Faiz was requested to evolve into as an Editor for the first English daily, the Pakistan Times –this was under the flagship of the Progressive Papers Limited chain. After taking a charge, he immersed in it and engages himself for the people calls and needs. Being this situation, a dilemma occurred on his path; he was arrested for the bogus charges and jailed.
Hence, he completed his further write up in a shape of the second book 'The breeze's hand'. His last very well-known poem 'The Soil of my Land' wrote on the Pakistan's fifth feast day of Independence. After his release from the jail, he got attention by many of his lovers. Suddenly, his popularity became loyal and valid when he was bestowed with the Lenin Peace Prize, the Soviet block in 1962. He then went to Moscow to accept the award, and there he offers a speech which is one of the best acts in his life.

In 1965, Faiz got arrested several times. In 1971, after the partition of Pakistan and Bangladesh, the creation of the newly government of Pakistan assigned him as a cultural advisor. In this period of time, he created Pakistan National Council of Art and institutes of community as well as cultural ancestry groups. There are still many achievements and extra-ordinary activities where he played an important role through his work. His message through his poetry was not only the resolution to face and fight for the malfeasance, but also he wants to provoke a cogent determination in the people of Pakistan, and this was his main goal for which he suffered a lot.

The golden history of Faiz has ended in 1984, in the city of Lahore where he passed away and lived many years as a home ground. In fact, when we memorize anything about Faiz our feelings become virtuous because of the life, which he had gone through and did so many struggles. He was also a main rooter in prolonging Urdu Language as well as the polisher of the people of Pakistan. His works translated in many languages, and he is valuable in the literary world.

At the end, I must conclude that we, the youth of Pakistan, will give them a commodious honor on a Faiz Centenary and search his message in his glowing writing by his pen. By this, we surely attain and succeed in our goals of life. Attached is my poem in Remembrance of 2011:


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