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domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

"My Dream": Iqbal looking for his eagles

The 133rd birthday anniversary of the Poet of the East, Doctor Allama Mohammed Iqbal would be observed on the last 9th November, 2010. As we look through the lattice of history, we realize that the greatest hindrance in recognizing the excellence of a genius comes form his contemporaries. Iqbal was one of those rare geniuses whose excellence in the field of poetry as well as political thinking was recognized throughout the world in his lifetime. Iqbal’s poetry imbibed a new spirit in the people and he himself played a significant role in the struggle for independence of the subcontinent. He expected the youth to look forward and high, as they were courageous and brave like Eagles. Lets join hands and revive the idelogy of Iqbal. LITERATURA DEL MAÑANA has liked to publish, even beeing lately yet, this beautiful poem which talk and recognize one of the great poets of the country of our collaborator, the average poet Aymen Zaheer, Pakistan.

Yesterday night,
in dream I fright,
saw an aglow,
stands below.

I am anxious,
heart says inefficacious,
the shadow is clear,
Iqbal came near.

Holds my wrist,
said, I am exist,
what you give to my land?
which I give in your hand?

He takes me away,
a gloomy place and say,
how many lives were rewards?
for the land given by the lord.

I said, I don't know,
he replied oh wow,
thousand bloods were driven,
how could you forgiven?

Where are my young eagles?
who are born for struggles?
who pull stars down from sky?
who shelters on mountains and fly?

As I look over his eyes,
his face down and cries,
did you read my verses?
in which you start rehearses.

I said no,
he replied so,
if you ever reads,
you found various seeds.

Though if this land is spoiled?
its mean you need great toiled.
O' my eagles its time to stand?
for the land which is your sand.


©Aymen Zaheer

©Wikimedia Commons

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