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domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

Poetry on blog, L: Aymen Zaheer

Wake up call

The beginning of day was dusky and gloomy,
In an instant, the sky becomes cloudy and stormy.

The season of rain started such a long,
That loosens water allover more strong.

Shape up as a flood and go beyond,
As it get in many towns and divide in pond.

Crumbling all its path and split it to the land,
Invading each walls and brings it to the sand.

Thousands of lives were lost and waste,
Devastating many homes and streets in a haste.

Harvest of fruits and vegetables are demolished,
People and animals died and rest of things abolished.

No one can dismiss from mind what they seen;
The pictures of homes and commodities are not been.

Children’s sitting seethe behind the water-logged,
Waiting for their toys and asking it’s not bogged. 

They are thirsty for the drop of water and bowl of food,
Though they feel sleepless due to the appetite of food.

Tears on the head of the house face,
Looking for his dears which are not yet trace.

Oh God help my people, they must be nurture,
Don’t leave them at the mercy of nature.

Let’s stand hands to hands for our country,
Where I wish to begin bliss wind without symmetry.

Yet we all have to be united like a wall,
So we move forward and nevermore fall. 

It’s a wakeup call for each and every person,
Do something which you hope lest you become worsen. 


Poem and video: ©Aymen Zaheer

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