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domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Poetry in blog, XXVII: Aymen Zaheer

Breathe in deep cold night,

Regardless of control on afterlife,
Silence penetrate cry of my heart,
Astonishing what happen with me?

Nothing going rightly,
I gazed toward the sky line,
Realize that I can't view perfectly,
Bit by bit I lost my eyesight.

Past thoughts penetrate my soul,
Turn over again into nightmares,
Relinquish life sufferings arise again,
Have a full plate of tears around.

Bag of bones become weaken,
Thirst for any loving touch,
Damage heart carrying lots of pain,
Can't sleep with a broken body.

Want to cry out loudly,
But my actions seems ignorant,
Cup-shaped desires burn,
Face very large hill behind.

Thick stress on the shoulders,
Crack emotions repeat within my mind,
Decreases my profound energy,
Execute in my moisten body.

O' soul I am intensely alone,
The time which I go through,
Yet not shown in front of anyone,
What If I got a fake name?

Then try to Diffusing of something;
For which I am not prepared yet,
But soon will make an effort,
Looking for the livid moment.

Now I am alive because of aims,
Neither drinks a wine nor to called a drunker,
Want to open thousand of doors,
The life which I had; is not a bootless?

Indeed no one has to bear the loads,
Those who are in my kinship after all,
Though my life is tough but I have to;
Clean the entire curse by my pen at all.

Poem: ©Aymen Zaheer
Photo: ©J. A. Pellicer

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