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martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

A different vision of literature: Angel Brichs

Since now, there are a different form of literature by the different channel: INTERNET. At now, in this blog we show to you a little piece of these by one of our collaborators: Angel Brichs. We expected to enjoy you!

When I was born

If the life is short
my guilty aspect is ugly,
but since several years ago
I was pretty,
when I was born.

My health care is bad,
my son doesn't have attention,
but the other classes receive too,
this is my life
this is my end.

All of my life will be dangerous,
except when I was Born.

But I don't know what I do,
if when I was a baby I felt good
what do I do when I grow up?
What do I do with my destiny?
What do I do with my life?


The latest man

In a conflict land,
in a comic edition,
in a undiscovered earth,
one man who was landed
discovered that He was alone.

In a long time he was as a detective
and he investigated the earth,
the mountains, the rivers, the cities,
since he visited whole of the land:
no one human lived here.

But he has had an strange sensation,
how was it possible if didn't exist nothing his life didn't finish?
how was it possible find elephants and lions and monkeys in a without living terrain?
anything else appeared in the behaviour of the man,
a superindividualism who eliminated all of them.


About the author:

Angel Brichs (Barcelona, 1979), is a catalan autor who was create the new form of write the literature: The Literary Neomodernism. This type of literature use the simbolic basis with a new form of expresions as soon as the "creative writing", where the writer invents everything to give a different meaning to the literary text, breaking the mold of any established literary theory. In the world also exist a similar movement who is called by their members "off-beat generation". This writer and Literature Critician collaborated for several years with nonprofit organizations and leading a group of literature at the Ateneo Terrassenc. He is an editor and was a co-founder of one of Barcelona's most visited blogs: LITERATURA DEL MAÑANA. As a writer, he has been wrote plus six books and uncountable press articles.

He has a motto: "It's important to rise up to everything, because if there is no creation, art does not exist"


©Angel Brichs

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