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domingo, 13 de junio de 2010

Network poetry and the new humanists: Aymen Zaheer

"The poetry of Zaheer wooping the past with his romanticism, and advance to the future by the newest aspects that he carry. Maybe he inspires the lyrism of XIX century, the wordgaming of futurism of XX century and then, He plays with the current poetry of the free verse, mixing the severity of eternal concepts and words, with a curtain of the expressive beauty and fast verse who gain the intense flavour of the descriptions same of Kipling".
Ángel Brichs
Writer & Literary critician

My Journey for Love

O my beloved, if you assume about me,
if someday you conceive about me;
hold your arms on your eyes for a bit
and I will be there in front of you.
I am always in your surrounds,
to spread happiness a-rounds;

I know you are intently busy now a day’s
and got very enervate after having a work
but still you can’t sleep at night
the night which rolls you on unseen circles
verily, annoying you to sleep from several day’s
I know you don’t want to admire that;

O my beloved, it’s a true love as U and I,
truly missing in last summer still I remember
when we talk and crush out,
when we walk and hang out;
sunrise-to-sunset, we come close yearly,
the love which we are bestow profoundly.

I think often of you
from morning till evening about you
in my silence, I find you
in my words, I discover you
thus ample pain boost in my vain,
all in all, I don’t want to lose you

O My beloved, the rain just starts now
the fountain melds with winds;
and the winds with the stream
moon light is beneath,
dark night is distant and abysmal
I gape into the night alone

While making a poem
in spite, my white paper converts into red
because of my eyes which is purely wet
my eyes yet lucid, looking for you at my door-step
all my vision meets with my beeline,
I halt up all night, in emerging of your soul

O my beloved, you must be here
to see that I am chasing a journey
to actuate myself on ahead of it
at least any path could change my fortune
en masse, my poem is you and only you,
Everlasting characters of words nevermore written

About the author...

Aymen Zaheer is a student of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Computing. He is from Pakistan. Any time ago, he has been writing articles and poems in english and urdu with a pen name's “Aymen Zaheer”. He join in someone network communities where he publish his texts. His moto is “service to humanity”. Maybe We can tell of he that is a one of the lasts humanists of XXI century; one vision of the society and cultural achievement that isn't common of whole people.



Poem, source of the biography and photo:
Aymen Zaheer©

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