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sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

The new fashion concepts of Maja Krsmanovic´

At now, in the world where we're living, the influences of the concepts and styles of XIX and middle of XX centuries, it's beeing a very important basis for create the new tendences, and the world of fashion designs models is one of them.
Even, the last decade, the fashion signatures of Haute Couture and small designers have been created too. Indeed, the last six years, with the global information channels as internet, and he reborn of the free press, the knowledge of the people been gained more connexion with these aspects.
From Serbia and, after we published in 2009 a extended report of she, we want to present to our followers and readers, in english version, a short article wich you'll can appreciate the fashion works of a beautiful but gorgeous and excelent fashion designer: Maja Krsmanovic´.
Different than the first article, wich We was published in spanish language, in the moment, We've wanted to do an interview, because this is the best form for you can know the real vision and forms at present of the international fashion panorama.

One example of the Krsmanovic´designs are the most finnest actual tendences, We're showed at the 'Pasarela Cibeles' (Spain, 2010) a few days ago. In there, the spectators did can look the most high designs with typical retro dresses within a minimalist topics of a extreme surrealism of best awarded designers around the world.

LDM: How must be the new designs on today?
M. K: In my opinion, design today should in general, globally speaking, to be varied as possible, both in graphic design, furniture design, interior, car, etc. ..... as well as fashion design. For the simple reason that people all over the world were dressed in different clothes (that each person is fully dressed differently from the other, the original) that would not be uniform as was otherwise, but realize that the reason because of fashion trends major international fashion houses which adjusts the other, smaller fashion houses around the world.

The river Saba. Further in the morning We can look the same aspect of the ancient river, where was passed turkey army and Stefan Dusan, at night We can see the singular area of restaurants floating on the river, near the bohemy district: Zenum; this city which ups as a cosmopolite and full of life city, where her citizens aren't less it.

'Yes, Serbia is centre of Balkans, but unfortunately not the central of textile production today. It was eighties, but economic, political and many other factors have influenced on that unfortunately textile production time is significantly reduced (no more social firms, fashion houses, because the state was socialist arranged) and now we have more and more private fashion houses. It is very difficult to survive in the textile market, especially with the import of Chinese textile products to our market. And this is a problem for all designers, especially young designers.'
Maja Krsmanovic´

As soon as the medium argentina and finish designer, Maya Hansen, the designs of Krsmanovic´will be appear to us as rare mixt of costure and new oriental tendences, with her corsettes, peticoats and others retro dresses wich They're the main form to find the new expresionism of our complex society.

LDM: You're a young fashion designer, but We see your energy when We look your creations. Where is your inspiration?
M. K.:
Yes, me too believe that the energy of each designer, and mine energy see through my work,my models. I guess because of my great love for fashion design. I finds inspiration all around me, for example in a television commercial, magazine, film, video klip ,street passerby…....... but mostly I find inspiration in historical costume-epoque.

LDM: Since 2004, the world of fashion and Haute Couture converted the concept styles to a new form of retrospective of old ideas and visions, seems a estetical vintage. What do you thinking about?
Yes, certainly be in a prêt-a-porter fashion and Haute Couture styles, cuts, forms the same inspired and that inspired is clothing from the epoch and fashion from twentieth century. By my opinion that is completely ok and should be like that, because I own mostly find inspiration in historical costume, probably because it has many various shapes, forms, cuts in sleeves, pants, shirt, skirt, petticoat, dress in women's and men's fashion and I think that is for today's designers extremely attractive and that why they pretend all that into modern clothes adopting them in time in which we live and current trends ofcourse. But you mentioned that it was started since 2004, but it seems to me even before that today's fashion was inspired by clothing from the epoch or a little more modern clothes such as clothing from the thirties, forties………….seventies.

LDM: At the end, one personal question: What's your leimotiv for create your life?

M. K.: Answer to this question is definitely related to fashion design, because my leimotiv is to succeed in fashion design, however, it is difficult and required a lot of fighting. I will try hard to succeed in that, how would one day come to that position to have fashion shows on Fashion Week in my country and in other countries and that one day on the Oscar award when they said a name off actress who won an Oscar for a film: And the winner is….She come out in my model!!!

There is a different form to explain a new concepts for a diverse world, where a crisis of ideas submit the new enviroments to wear a different category of dresses by so far country designers as Maja, a teenager lady who live in the one of the most important, cosmopolite and historical city of Balkans: Belgrade.
Maja Krsmanovic´was born in Belgrade, Serbia, on 1983. She has present to us as a prototype of the new serbian woman who won the drama of the last Balcanic war, and she get up with the creativity of the eastern european woman.
She was graduate as an economic technician in the Economic School of Belgrade on 2002. After, She has discovered her interest by the fashion designs, she licensed as a textil designer in the Design School of Belgrade (2005). Since the moment, until 2005, she works as a profesional designer, working as a designer, working as a designer assistant, graphic designer and designer by himself with signatures as 'Mona', 'Modus', 'Panther' or 'Colours & Beauty'.
Krsmanovic´is the true profile of the new serbian girl who has changed her old status to convert on a new woman with clean ideas and courage as a principal things for she opens to the world.


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Maja Krsmanovic´©

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