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sábado, 24 de julio de 2010

Poetry for a birthday: Aymen Zaheer

Our pakistani collaborator, Aymen Zaheer, has wanted to share with us these new poem, titled "Why I observe August 2nd". A poem which it's an especial form for cellebrate his 30th birthday that, within the birthday of other of our collaborators, the cuban poet Yamilka Noa, doing a perfect duo, in the two days where starts the August month; a event what we like to share on LITERATURA DEL MAÑANA as a funny summer surprise to our fans and readers. Enjoy it!

Why I Observe August 2nd

While sitting alone on seashore,
in a beneath silent all over,
vault of heaven start spreading,
first blush of morning is on the head.
The whole day passed till the end,
lots of questions have bob up in my mind.
It has been more than twenty years,
Does it feel alike?
When I start observed this day.
Do I know the aim of this life?
That is gifted to me,
o’ soul just thinks a bit while,
and asks yourself,
Why you observed August 2nd?
Unexpectedly I slept there and saw a dream,
An Angel whispered in my ear,
and said:
happy birthday, Aymen,
wear a crown on your head.
A symbol of cheerful face,
a bestow on the years,
time fleets like water;
to you the fresh teenage times,
underneath your daydreaming,
to become older and grower so speedy,
somehow, after twenty years,
spent in so much gladness;
let’s observe your day.
What God has given you today?
See the gracious eyes of
your Love, family and friends.
They are here,
for a big applaud.
Ah! You cheer out more, make out more;
one advice you could remember ever,
always continue your hand to those,
who are destitute and needy?
This could be your aim of life.
And thanks god to place your feet on each day.


Aymen Zaheer©


"The creation of man" (1987).
(Sculptural relief. Size: 90x60)
Author: Josep Cárceles©

Published in this blog under the consent of their authors:

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