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sábado, 3 de julio de 2010

The vitalism of Aymen Zaheer

Well, We've a new poem of one of our prefered online authors. As you know, Zaheer is a pakistan author who write poems on different sites and online communities. Now, he has surprised us with his new poem, "a song to hope" which We've remembered a famous latin phrase: "NIHIL EST".

Every day I bring to life

Every day I bring to life and think;
o’ soul set foot in, why you are astonishing
god added further fresh day,
of strive for my own entity.
Suddenly, silence surrounds all around;
wind whispers in my ear,
asking to ride on,
over land and touch the sky.
I felt in,
the beauty of the existing world,
smiling and singing a rhythm of happiness.
One more sea breath blows by way of my feet;
sunrise spread on the skyline,
touches my curly hair as I Stand,
to catch colors in my hand together.
Birds flying and nosing all over,
in searching of food and feeding their child’s;
is it wondering to see the artistry shade on the universe?
I am ready to undertake,
All in all, it calms my body and soul,
conceding me take pleasure in this entire day.
I admire that,
life is not what we enrolled,
it has completely changed on next daylight;
even so, we have plenty of things,
to grasp from each day,
Be blessed, blissful and joyous moment of life.


Aymen Zaheer©


Abi Pap, 2010©

Published in this blog with the previous consent of the author:

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