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lunes, 9 de agosto de 2010

A poem for freedom (by Aymen Zaheer)

As soon as said Choudhary in the first days of free Pakistan, there isn't a most important thing for a nation that their citizens are united for the same historical cause of the justice. After the success of the last weeks, where Pakistan was defeated by the floods, the words of Zaheer are a song of freedom and recognized patriotism, a concept very necessary as soon as the help for this country. Two things that we'll hope faithfully.

"14th August 2010"

At last first blush arises today,
A day of our independence,
Look into the surrounds,
Everything glares like a bright star.

O Soul, Let’s see my untainted country,
A hidden beauty of heaven,
The Green shaded piece,
Of territories and glitter meadow.

A land of bird's-eye fields,
Of in shred's mountain spheres,
Of sweep rains and Monsoon,
Of Divine Sceneries and Lakes.

I often fall into love with her,
Wild blue yonder and azure sky,
Misted and fiery dark yellow sun,
The delicates shield of greenness.

There are abundant reflections I feel,
On the weaving flag of my country;
Reflecting their colors on the sky,
In a shape of fantasy Rainbow.

It’s a time to salute our forefathers,
Still their light continued us.
We are here through their struggle;
And called us a separate nation.

Today, I am proud of being countrymen,
Yet my hope remains with my country,
Having a high spirit to become;
An Eagle of Iqbal and follower of Jinnah.

Though a brute force as a nation,
From all over the land we come,
We should celebrate this day,
And put our flag flying extremely.


Aymen Zaheer©



"Objectives of life" (1986).
(Sculptural relief. Size: 60x90)
Author: Josep Cárceles©

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